Neděle, 15. březen 2020 v 14:00

! zrušeno - Music In The Mansion
Beverly Hills CA, USA


Beethoven, Kreisler, Sporcl


Pavel Sporcl - violin
Svetlana Smolina - piano

With Platinum & Gold top-selling records, leading Czech violinist makes a stop for L.A. audiences during his 2020 U.S. tour. Watch his "My Violin Legends" concert.

The most distinctive member of the young generation of Czech violinists, "the fighting musician" and top-selling artist Pavel Sporcl has been triumphantly received by audiences in major music venues throughout the world thanks to the combination of a rich classical background and unique stage presence. Pavel studied under the tutelage of outstanding teachers and virtuosos including Eduard Schmieder, Itzhak Perlman, and Dorothy DeLay, and has performed concertos with leading orchestras worldwide. Pavel Sporcl plays on a blue violin built specially on his request by Jan Spidlen in 2005.

Pavel Šporcl

Šporcl hrál s jemnou lyrikou a strhující virtuozitou

- Gramophone

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